Friendships Far and Near

Friendship Recipe
By Haylee and Halea

Ingredients smquilt.jpg
1. 2 Cups of Heart
2. ½ a Cup of Kindness
3. 5 Teaspoons of Sharing
4. 10 Tablespoons of Willing Hands
5. 3 Blocks of Trustworthiness baking chocolate
6. 1 Pint of Passion
7. 6 Cups of Compassion
8. 8 Tablespoons of Thoughtfulness
9. 2/3 Teaspoons of Faithfulness

First, you would get 2 cups of Heart and pour it into a bowl. Add ½ a cup of Kindness and mix together well. Whip it until it turns rich and thick. Next, add 5 teaspoons of Sharing and gently smooth it into the mixture. Third, blend in 10 tablespoons of Willing Hands and gently add 5 teaspoons of Sharing again. When you go get 3 blocks of Trustworthiness baking chocolate, break it up into big pieces. With the pieces, put it into a pan. Fourth, with the 1 pint of Passion and pour it on top of pieces of Trustworthiness chocolate. Then, put it into the oven on 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. When it’s done poke holes in the pan to cool off. Fifth, top with the 6 cups of Compassion and put it on a wire rack gently to cool. When it’s cool pick up the wire rack, break it into pieces and dump it into a bowl. Sixth, pour 8 tablespoons of Thoughtfulness into the same bowl. Then stir it until it is really smooth. Lastly, put 2/3 teaspoons of Faithfulness into a big pan. After you’re done, add all ingredients and gently pour it into the huge pan. Then, get a big spoon and stir it gently until it’s smooth and fills the whole pan evenly. Put the pan into the 450 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. When removed from the heat of the oven, you have a faithful friend who cares what you do and who you are!

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The Road to Friendship

This an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Story. Try to go find a friend while you do through an amazing adventure with Christopher and Molly. We both hope that you find your own true friend. We know that we did. This will also help you learn how to be a friend. Have a nice time trying to find your own friend.

The Road to Friendship

Friendship By: Mrs. Roden’s Class
Friendly Friendship_Meanssm_.jpg
Respects me
Is helpful
Excited to be my friend
Doesn’t talk about me
Shares toys
Invites me over to play

Some Fun With Friendsfriendgame01.jpg

Take this survey , which Brooke and Molly created to determine what type of friend you are to others: Friendship Survey

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Fictional FriendshipsHP.jpgIn Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix there is a lot of friendship shown between the characters. Harry, Ron and Hermione always stick together through good and bad times. They have been friends since there very first year at Hogwarts. In the 5th book, they meet new characters. Harry organizes a Defense Against the Dark Arts class and builds many strong friendships with those students. They name it Dumbledore’s Army. Harry teaches many students how to defend themselves because their new teacher, Delores Umbridge, from the ministry won’t. Because of true friendship, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and their new friends go to the Ministry of Magic and risk their own lives, to save his godfather, Sirius Black. They all stick together no matter what. Like in the other books, their friendship and combined strengths is why the three of them are so successful. Harry's true strength and success is his friends.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret shows friendship through a character named Hugo and a character named Isabella. Hugo is a kid that lives in the train station. He steals toys from a toy booth because he’s homeless. The toy booth belongs to Isabella’s godfather. Hugo and Isabella's friendship begins when George Mêliés, the owner, steals Hugo’s notebook with his secret invention, a mechanical man. Hugo and Isabella go through many rough times, meeting new friends, and discovering secrets leading them to get Hugo’s notebook back.

A True Friend
A friend is always loyal,
She’s truthful and respectful.
Connecting when where together,
Always standing side by side.
Giving with a forgiving heart,
That makes you and your friend very smart.
A real true friend will be with you forever.

By: Molly and Breayana

A Friendly Surprise
hat.jpgA friend is someone who is kind and always thinks of others before himself. A friend is one who looks out for you and cheers you on. He laughs when you laugh and cries when you cry. Sometimes, a friend surprises you with a gift just because you're his friend. That's the kind of friend we want to have.