Oakwood Elementary School
What is a friend?

A friend is someone who loves to play football with you. Nicolas
Friends help support each other. Billy
A friend is someone you care for. Cameron
A friend is a tulip. Corbin
A friend is like a tree. Emily
A friend is a person who cares for you. David
A friend is a ray of sunshine shining on my life. Leah
My friends are my heroes. Holley
A friend is like music. Curtis
A friend is special, caring, nice. Shawn
Friends never give up on you. Andrew
A friend is a shoulder to cry on. Tyler
A friend is a butterfly on a daisy. Hunter
A friend is as sweet as candy. Kellie
A friend is a person who is always there for you. James

Funny; a friend will make you laugh
Ready to help you; a friend has got your back
Intelligent; a friend can help you with your homework
Exhilarating; a friend can pump you up and make you excited
Never criticizing; a friend will build you up, not tear you down
Delighting; a friend will give you comfort