Maine Students Enjoying the Snow!

snowinMaine.jpg Friendship Book Reviews

Written and Illustrated by Third Grade Students

Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek

By Deborah Hopkinson

Book Review

By Derek and Nathan

This book is about Abe Lincoln and his best friend Austin. We learned we need friends. Austin saved Abe’s life. We thought this book was funny, nice and cool because it talked a lot about friendship because it's a book about friendship. We would recommend this book to a friend because it is funny. The author’s main idea was friendship and helping.


Alien and Possum

by Tony Johnston

Book Review by Gabe, Luke, Emiley, Evan, and Dylan

In this story the characters are Alien and Possum. Alien is not use to things on earth. Possum heard a crash and he went to see what it was. When they meet they become friends. In the middle when they are at Possum’s house and possum gets hungry so they go to find a trash can. Then they come to a trash can and Alien gets mad at it because it wouldn’t say Hello to him. In the end they are reading a bed time story and Possum is sad because he always falls asleep. So Alien began to read and Possum fell asleep. Possum was so disappointed he mised the story that he started to cry. Alien said, “Why don’t I read it to you now?” “You would do that for me?” “Yes” said Alien. So Alien read the bedtime story and Possum heard all of it!


Are You Ready to Play Outside

by Mo Willems

Book Review by Cody, Treshawn and Jayde

This friendship book is about a pig and an elephant and they do kind things. The pig name is Piggie and the elephants name is Gerlad. “We are going to skip, run, and jump and nothing can stop us” PLINK!!! I hate rain, said Piggie. Gerlad like the rain and he helps Piggie

by putting his ear over him. Piggie and Gerald see two worms playing in the mud, Piggie wants to try it; so he did and Gerlad plays too. Then it stopped raining but Piggie wants it to rain so Gerald squirts water on Piggie. I like this book because it was exciting and I learned to be nice to others and to be helpful.

Benny and Beautiful Baby Delilah

By Jean Van Leeuween

Book Review by Jilleon, Hannah, Alysia, and Destiny

Benny was a only child who gets a new baby sister. The babies name is Delilah. When a new baby comes to visit it takes all Benny’s time with Mom and Dad like story time and shaving time with Dad. Benny and Delilah get along and he is not mad at the baby anymore. I would recommend this book to a friend because it is a true friendship book!


Cork and Fuzz

by Dori Chaconas

Book Review by Jaelynn, Aric, Duncan and Madelyn.

The main characters in the book are Cork and Fuzz. The book is about two friends and they like to play Pin the Tail on the Turtle. Cork pushed the log one day and Fuzz rolled all the way down the hill. Then they became friends. So they played some games. Then they got really hungry. Fuzz snuck a rock under a leaf then Fuzz got caught by Cork. Cork and Fuzz love to collect cool colorful stones. We learned never to have a secret. We would recommend this book to anyone who thinks animals are funny.


Don’t Need Friends

by Carolyn Crimi

Book Review by Travis, Khiana, Lizzie and Haley

This book about a rat and a dog and how they became friends. In the beginning, they didn’t get along very well. They live in the same junkyard but in different parts of it. Then rat found a big sandwich. But it was to big for him so he went past dog’s barrel and said dog don’t you come eat this sandwich with me. Then he shared the sandwich with dog. That's how they became friends. They shared things all the time. This book teaches the lesson that you need lots of friends but you never know when you are going to find your great true friend.


Knuffle Bunny Too

by Mo Willems

Book Review by Kaylee, Levi, Mitchell, Glen, and Gabriel.

Knuffle Bunny Too is about two girls who have Knuffle Bunnies that are almost the same. Knuffle Bunnies are stuffed animals that look like bunnies. The girls brought their bunnies to preschool on the same day and the teacher had to take them away because they were arguing. That night something did not feel right to Trixie so she went into her mom and dad’s room and they found out it was not her Knuffle Bunny. I would recommend this book to a friend if they have a brother or a sister and you fight over little things. I learned that main idea is you should be friends even if you have the same thing. om this book is sharing bunnies and being best friends. The lesson in the book is if you have someone's toy treat it like it’s your toy. Bunny.jpg

My Friend Rabbit

By Eric Rohmann

Book Review by Dakota, Chrisana, Dominic and Logan

Rabbit and his friend Mouse work together. Rabbit got a toy plane. Rabbit has lots of planes and Mouse always follows him. They like to fly their plane. When Rabbit and Mouse got their plane stuck they were mad. Rabbit stacked the animals to reach the plane. Rabbit had to pull the animals to stack them up. After they got the plane they were happy to always help out. When Rabbit and Mouse got their plane they were happy. We would recommend this book to others because it could help you learn.


A Splendid Friend Indeed

by Suzanne Bloom

Book Reveiw by Ellie, Charlie, Garrett and Dustin

The book is about a goose and a bear and the goose wanted to become friends with the bear. The bear was reading and writing and thinking. The goose does the same thing. But then the goose thinks he says he is hungry. So the goose gets cookies and cocoa. He writes a nice note to the bear and the bear is happy . We like this book because it is funny. The main idea is talking things out because there is friendship. I would recommend this book to a friend because it teaches about friendship.