What is Friendship?By: Natalie

What Matters Most in a Friend?
By: Jahnai and Allie

For this edition of Coast to Coast Chronicles, we decided as a class what were the most important qualities to have in a friend. After we voted, we picked our top 4 choices. Jahnai asked the other students on our team which quality was most important. Allie tallied up the results and made the graph. Check out what people said...


Think Before You Act!
By: Mackenzie

My comic strip is about the things you can learn about friendship. Laina (blonde) and Tonya (brunette) have been good friends since kindergarten. Tonya tells a rumor about Laina. Laina finds out and is very heartbroken. She couldn't believe her best friend would do something like that! Laina runs into Tonya in the hallway while she is crying. Laina explains what she has heard. Tonya feels horrible. Tonya apologizes millions of times and promises that she won't do anything like that again. They gave each other a hug and become good friends again like they once were. The moral of the story is that you should treat your friends with respect and not spread rumors about them.



The Friendship GameshowBy: Isiah, Wyatt and Gage